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This blog began because I needed a web page and professional presence for my first solo Minnesota Fringe Festival performance, The Sins of the Mothers, in 2011.

For about two years it has been a miscellany of personal reflections on the art and craft of storytelling, reviews of performances (especially during the Fringe, as I’ve also had shows in 2012 and 2013), thoughts on the writing life, and written versions of stories I have performed.  Like my previous Live Journal blog, Ordinary Time, it has been erratically maintained.

Wygant Road 1I had many things I wanted to write about and reflect upon – but so do a lot of people.

What I did not have was a clear plan, and quite frankly, when life happens, it is hard to motivate oneself to commit to a regular schedule of posts for “A Miscellany.” Nor is it easy to attract an audience, beyond the people who know and care about you, or might want to read that story you told at The Moth last month.

I have recently taken on a second job in the world outside my laptop, a very deadline-driven job.

I am actually cutting back significantly on my storytelling for a period as well.  In January of 2014 I began posting weekly on the process that goes into crafting and telling a story, in the hopes of maintaining some creative discipline during this time, in a way that might be useful for others, and keep me connected to that art. I am still experimenting with WordPress themes, so the look of the site may change from one month to the next. It’s still me.

Every storyteller needs a solid platform – whether it is digital, or a stage constructed from milk crates.  My hope, eventually, is to be able to do both with a modicum of grace.

In the meantime, I expect to continue to use this space to document my discovery process.

To learn what I like and don’t like about blogging, how it differs from the writing I have been doing, how I can integrate it smoothly into the other responsibilities of my life;  how I can make a meaningful contribution to the conversations I find intriguing. Along the way I expect to draw significantly from the people I have discovered, both on and off line,  who seem interested in the things I am interested in, and appear  to know what they are doing.

I invite you along on the journey.

The photographs on this page were taken by my very talented daughter, who has her own web site and blog at featuring digital art and photography.

All content except noted photos and videos copyright © Paula Reed Nancarrow. All rights reserved. *Any images or videos not listed as mine are copyright to their respective owners and were used under creative common license or fair use standards. IF A PHOTO OR VIDEO IS YOUR MATERIAL AND YOU DO NOT WISH IT TO BE ON THE SITE, PLEASE EMAIL ME AND I WILL REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY.

7 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. I am so excited to be followed by you. My background is teaching arts for 40 years and a few Text Books to my credit. Written collectively with two friends. I am appreciatively reading all about your blog and find the guidance inspiring. Thank you. You’ll hear more from me!


  2. livingincyn says:

    Your blog is singing my song! “It is hard to commit to a regular schedule of posts for ‘a miscellany'” So true! But I also find my passions evolve in a phase-like manner, so committing a blog on, say, words beginning with C seems exciting as a catalyst but dead before it’s even pulled out of the garage door. 😀 I look forward to following your blog. (Thanks also for your RT In Twitter today. Just made my Monday!)


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