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I am a writer and performer of personal and historical narratives, as well as folk tales and myths, that reflect the texture and complexity of family and community life, the blessings and betrayals to be found therein. The tension between intimacy and autonomy is a key theme in my work. I strive to give my audience, reading or listening, an awareness of beauty in the moment, a vision of justice, and inspiration to act effectively and compassionately in the world.

I have performed in a number of Twin Cities venues, including Cheap Theatre at the Black Forest, The Moth Story Slam at the Amsterdam Bar in St. Paul (and the first Moth Grand Slam at the Fitzgerald Theater), Word Spout’s StorySlamMN! at Kieran’s Bar, and Tellabration!(TM) at Open Book, which I organized for five years.  I have performed in four Minnesota Fringe Festivals, including one solo show. I have also take my work outside Minnesota to perform at Northlands Storytelling Network and the National Storytelling Network annual conferences. I spent nearly a decade on and off the board of an excellent grassroots arts organization, Story Arts of Minnesota, with which I am still involved. I currently make my living writing grant proposals and reports, telling the organizational stories of Minneapolis nonprofits. Here is where I tell my own.

Contact me at:

Email:      Phone: 612.217.1027
Facebook: paula.reed.nancarrow    Twitter@prnancarrow
LinkedIn: paulareednancarrow        Google+ +PaulaReedNancarrow


15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This blog is really good. I wish I could do something so concise and informative. I can’t even get my website up and running again on GoDaddy.


    • Nobody’s ever accused me of being concise, Stace. ;-) But thank you. The kind of web site you are doing, with products for sale and all, is far more complicated than a WordPress blog. I wouldn’t know how to begin with that.


  2. kskpoet says:

    I’m so excited about this blog! I just followed you on everything and look forward to reading more!


  3. […] posts: Twitter (by using hashtags like #amwriting, #MondayBlogs, or #wwwblogs. In fact, blogger Paula Reed recently wrote a blog post called “Using Twitter Hashtags to Grow your Blog Traffic. It’s very […]


  4. I have managed to somehow stumble upon your blog and I’m glad I did. I just finished reading “Forgotten is Forgiven,” and I’m hooked. Look forward to reading more.


  5. Angie Mc says:

    Hi, Paula, I found you via a google search about blog award policies (helpful post) and I’m now following because I like the rest of what I see here. All the best to you and yours!


  6. Thank you for following me on Twitter. This is an interesting site you have here, Paula. Gets the creative juices flowing :) ~Joyce


  7. Soul Gifts says:

    Having recently been nominated for my first ever award, I was looking for information and views on just what it was all about. I’m pretty new to blogging. In the process I found you. Your post on 10 reasons to say no was great, together with a WP post about awards. I’ve yet to decide what to do about the nomination but I think I’ll accept this first one :)


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