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31st Academy Awards, 1959. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Everybody likes to get awards, right?

Well, actually, no. Turns out a lot of bloggers would prefer not to be nominated for or receive awards – at least a certain type of award. A search on “award policy” and “award-free blog” brought me to fifty of them.  After that I stopped counting.

The type of award that these bloggers are saying “thanks, but no thanks” to is the sort in which you are “tagged,” given a series of questions to answer in a post, and then expected to pass on to other bloggers. The point is to “pay it forward” in a way that exponentially increases the amount of bloggy good will in the world. The effect, however, is rather like a chain letter. Blog hops generally work this way as well.

Send a Dime Chain Letter, 1935. From Chain Letter Evolution by Daniel W. VanArsdale

I am always honored when someone expresses appreciation for my writing.

But like many others, though I am grateful for readers and recognition alike, the chain letter format involves more obligations than I can fulfill and still focus on my own creative and content priorities. I’m also aware that such awards can be burdensome to others.  I am clearly not alone in finding this embarrassing.

Image Courtesy Trent P. MacDonald

Image Trent P. MacDonald. Used with permission.

This blog, therefore, no longer participates in awards, blog hops, or other tagging memes.

In the early days of the blogosphere, these served a useful discovery function, one that I believe has now been superseded by social media. Check my Social Practice page for more about how I use these tools.  Read more about how I came to this decision in  “Blogligations: On Breaking the Blog Award Chain,” and the follow-up post, “10 Reasons to Just Say No to Blog Awards.”

And if you need any more inspiration to break free of your chains….

There’s always Harry.

13 thoughts on “Awards Policy

  1. Greg Mischio says:

    Yeah Paula, it’s kind of a tough call. Honored, like you’ve said, but for me, it’s really logistics. Not enough hours in the day.


    • That’s what the vast majority of people whose policies I looked at said as well, Greg. I didn’t want to say “award free” as so many do, because there are other types of awards that do not come with such obligations (like being Freshly Pressed) that I am more than happy to receive.


  2. Lisa Reiter says:

    Here, here! Nicely explained Paula. I had no idea myself just what a burden they can be when I started out. Now there just aren’t the hours in the day for one thing and another – I hope – is that I’ve found other reasons to post and share thoughts! (so, sorry for the blasted blog-hopping writing process tag!)



  3. A bold move. Am awarding you The Bravest Blogger of The Day award. Please redeem it by researching and sharing 20 other bloggers who’ve declared a NoMoAwards policy, in a future with two paragraphs on each blogger’s decision. You may then confer this award on ten more lucky brave bloggers. Bonus points for finding a WordPress blogger who has turned down the Freshly Pressed Award.


    • Tee hee. James L’Etoile has also conferred upon me the Blog Chain Breaker Award. I wouldn’t want to try to find a blogger who would turn down an award like Freshly Pressed. Although I have seen the occasional controversial post Freshly Pressed, in which the troll-like comments that followed might not have been worth the extra page views…depending on your point of view.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wow, look at the rewards that come your way from taking a stand!

        I certainly wouldn’t turn down a Freshly Pressed Award. (Are you listening, WordPress editors??)

        I’d like to see the statue for the Blog Chain Breaker Award. The Bravest Blogger of the Day Award statue is currently in production, and without revealing too many details of its top-secret design, I’ll simply say it’s carefully hand-crafted of solid gold.


  4. Mélanie says:

    HL = huge like… <3 :) merci-thanx! :)


  5. Like a lot of things it is a dual edged sword and whilst I’m truly grateful, I feel bad passing on the burden to another blogger


  6. […] and a follow-up, “10 Ways to Just Say No to Blog Awards.” I also added an Awards Policy page to my blog. I then wrote a post about “The Dark Side of Having a Blog Post Freshly […]


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