Train Tracks, Marshlands
  • “Q.E.D.” – Bluepepper; October 2020; reprinted in Lyricality
  • “Split Entry,” “Restoration,” and “Forgetting” – Neologism Poetry Journal. “Split Entry” nominated for 2021’s Best of the Net
  • “Credo for a Pandemic,” Tiny Seed Literary Journal.
  • “Morning Coffee,” “Hain’t,” “After Turtle Lake,” and “Mackeral Sky,” Sixfold.
  • “Invocation” and “Foreclosing on the Garden,” BoomerLit. Both poems nominated for the Pushcart Prize.
  • “Foreclosing on the Garden,” reprinted in Artemis, Volume XXVIII, 2021, p. 75.
  • “My mother in the bardo she does not believe in,” Bearings Online.
  • “Catastrophe,” Whistling Shade Literary Journal, 2021, p. 19. Shortlisted for the Better than Starbucks Sonnet contest.
  • “Hummingbirds and Unicorns” and “In Which No Creature Dies,” Nixes Mate, Issue 21/22, Climate Change.
  • “Tradeoffs,” Burningwood Literary Journal, Issue 102, April 2022, p. 48.
  • “What doesn’t belong in the neighbor’s pool,” Tilted House, April 2022.
  • “Lenses,” The Avalon Literary Review, Spring 2022, p. 23.
  • “Bodie Bride,” “Keweenaw Elegy,” and “The Gardener’s Burial Mass,” Night Picnic Vol. 5, No. 2, June 2022.
  • “The Brownie: their young ghosts drawn through the keyhole window,” Paterson Literary Review Vol. 50, 2022, pp. 246-247.
  • “Dissolvent,” Flint Hills Review, Issue 27, 2022, page 27.

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