Weathering Gender

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August 7, 2012 by Paula Reed Nancarrow

Review of Storms Beneath Her Skin by Rebecca Kling

Patrick’s Cabaret

It’s Minnesota’s favorite topic, right, talking about the weather? Nice, safe, uncontroversial.  Rebecca Kling eases us into her presentation of one woman’s transgender experience using the weather as a metaphor. Her performance throughout is accessible and genuine. There is an elegance to her movements on stage that is rare in a show that is mostly narrative, a dance-like quality, as if to say “I am now at home in my body; I am now at home in my body.” And yet learning to be at home in one’s body is, like weather patterns and the change of seasons, not a static experience, but a dynamic process.  One of the most beautiful moments for me was when she talked about how she experienced transitioning as a gain – becoming more herself – versus how those who knew and loved her from birth felt it as a loss. It takes compassion, strength and clarity to understand this, while also being a steadfast advocate for oneself. In a similar position I don’t think I could manage it, and I’m grateful she can.

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