Introducing #AUTHORityAugust


July 27, 2015 by Paula Reed Nancarrow

Postcard by Eugene "Zim" Zimmerman (1862-1935), first president of the American Association of Cartoonists and Caricaturists and longtime resident of my home town.

Postcard by Eugene “Zim” Zimmerman (1862-1935), first president of the American Association of Cartoonists and Caricaturists and longtime resident of my home town.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am currently visiting family in New York.

This particular town in New York, to be precise. The family reunion I wrote about last week has now come and gone. It was a very different affair from the old days, though we still have a business meeting. Much of that was dedicated to celebrating my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary, which will take place August 4th.

Tomorrow my sister takes my father into Rochester for eye surgery, and my mom and I will entertain ourselves at home while they are gone. Wednesday I return to Minneapolis. Thursday – Sunday I move.

Next month seems like a good time to slow down, or at least simplify, my bloggery.

So in August I will be doing something a little different. I’ll be posting quotations from authors on particular themes that interest me, with accompanying photographs. I will use the hashtag #AUTHORityAugust with these posts.

Author Edna O'Brien, for whom August was a Wicked Month

Author Edna O’Brien, for whom August is a Wicked Month. Photograph is from her memoir Country Girl (Edna O’Brien / Little, Brown).


If you have a favorite quotation from an author on the theme I choose that week, I hope that you will add it in the comments. Need a slower August too, you’re welcome to use the hashtag, and join in with an #AUTHORityAugust quotation post of your own. We can all give each other a little inspiration this month from the authorities we admire.

Regular posts will resume in September.

But everybody deserves a break in August. Or at least a little cool down time.

My beautiful picture

My friends and I, long ago on a hot summer day…

19 thoughts on “Introducing #AUTHORityAugust

  1. Norah says:

    What a fabulous way of slowing down but maintaining contact and purpose for a while. Enjoy the cool break! :)


  2. Judith Post says:

    This sounds like a interesting way to take a break. Hope all goes well for the end of July, and looking forward to AUTHORity August.


  3. wccunningham says:

    Quote idea sounds fun!

    You just happen to be about 80 miles east of where I live (Wellsville).


  4. jan says:

    I’m also dealing with family issues the next couple of months (at least I hope for only a couple of months!) Have a lovely time in NY and I hope the move goes well!


  5. Love this. Been meaning to slow down (actually, I have) but this is such a brilliant way to do it. Looking forward to your #AUTHORityAugust posts.


    • So far it has not been that much of a timesaver – ever try to look through 83 pages of quotations on Goodreads? Sad that this resource is being used so much by people trying to promote their own work. I swear some authors are using the quotations feature to index every sentence in their books. I found some gems, but not without slugging through a lot of muck.


  6. What a fabulous and creative way to take a blogging break! Like others, I’ll be looking forward to your #AUTHORityAugust posts. Enjoy your lazy hazy days of summer.


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